MYZONE Tips For Keeping That New Year Resolution!


New Year’s resolutions—we all make them and we all have trouble sticking to them. This year plan out some resolutions that are an attainable challenge. If you want to see better results in your workouts, make sure you’re hitting the gym and staying in the yellow and red zones, as well as using your MYZONE  belt to aid in tracking fitness resolutions. If you want to eat better, be sure to plan ahead with a grocery list for pre-planned out meals. Here are 5 New Year’s resolution tips to stay on track:




1. Be realistic

This is a very common challenge people face. It’s hard not to over-reach, but as much as you might want to improve or change something, make sure it’s within the realm of something possible. These goals shouldn’t be easy, but make sure they’re something you can work toward with effort and determination. Your resolution needs to be something you can achieve and be proud of for doing so.

2. Track your progress

There are many ways to work on tracking fitness resolutions and hold yourself accountable to a goal. If your resolution is increasing your exercise effort, then reach for your MYZONE MZ-3 belt and keep pushing yourself to stay in the yellow or red zones. Some friendly competition on the MYZONE leaderboards is also a good way to stay on top of your progress.



3. Create a plan

Outlining how you plan to deal with things that could potentially get in the way of your success will immediately set you off on the right foot. Decide how you want to handle situations that could impact your goals. When life gets too busy and you can’t spend hours in the gym, work with a trainer from Sweat PT to show you how to train effectively and maximize your time at Bailey’s.



4. Share!

Don’t keep your resolutions to yourself, share with friends and family that can help support you along the way. You may even find another person with a similar goal to accompany you in achieving your goals. Try out group fitness which will help you to surround yourself with a support system who will encourage and push you in your classes!

5. Reward yourself

Set small goals or checkpoints toward your resolution so you can reward yourself for hard work along the way. A little something to look forward to after achieving smaller goals can be a huge motivator in the long run. The key here is making sure the reward doesn’t contradict what you’re trying to achieve. If your resolution is to get healthier, don’t reward yourself with a sweet treat, instead go shopping for a new workout gear or new headphones to bring to the gym.




We hope you find these 5 New Year’s resolution tips helpful.  Let us know if you have any other tips and tricks for tracking fitness resolutions by commenting below!

Balancing a Healthy Life While Living a Tight Schedule


When it comes to balance we must keep in mind that is considerably important to focus and prioritize on what matters in our lives and put those items top on our “todo” lists. In the midst of juggling work, family, friends, daily stresses and distractions, it is often challenging to find the time to focus on our health goals. So, how do we create positive adjustments in our lives? Here are a few ways to initiate energy-giving habits and balance a healthy lifestyle with a tight schedule.

Building new habits


The key to success is found in our daily actions and routines. We consciously make decisions everyday which become mirror images of our lives. If you feel off balance, stressed or far from goals, it may be time to simply shape new habits and different choices of the ones you’ve become comfortably accustomed to. According to author, Charles Duhigg, writer of The Power of Habit, it is imperative to establish new subtle habits that stick when looking for long-term changes. Duhigg’s theory suggests this can be accomplished in three easy steps.


  1. Find a cue that works for you

“A cue can be a particular time of day, a certain place, the presence of certain other people, a particular emotion or a preceding behavior that has become ritualized,” states Duhigg. For example, you can play with a variety of routines or patterns that incorporate friends, family, careers and workout schedules until you find one that fits your specific lifestyle. Whether this is joining classes at a local gym to keep you motivated and held accountable for, squeezing in a workout before you begin your day or simply changing the people you surround yourself with, begin to move outside the comfort zone and explore your options. Find a “cue” that will benefit you and help you achieve your goals. Surround yourself with motivating and inspiring people. Sometimes it’s best to take a moment and reflect on your life and the relationships it is built on. What do the people you associate with have you feeling, thinking, saying and how do they have you acting? If you are reevaluating any negative relationships you may need to separate yourself and make room for the positive in life.



  1. Choose rewards that grant instant pleasure

Find simple pleasures that provide you with instant gratification, whether it be taking a warm bath, scheduling a massage session, a relaxing Skype date session with a friend or workout class you enjoy.


  1. Demolish bad habits

Learn to focus on what truly matter and let go of distractions. Duhigg states, “You need to recognize what the cue and reward are and then find something else that delivers a similar reward.” For instance, if you notice that the fatigue from a long work day (cue) leaves you feeling tired and missing the gym, schedule an AM workout with a friend before work. You will feel energized and accomplished all morning, helping you to perform better in the work environment. Leave your clothes and iPod next to your bed the night before so you are ready to hit the gym in the morning! If stress if a “cue” for you and you tend to reach for fast-food when you are on the go and pressed for time, practice premaking meals to take with you to always have healthy food option on hand.

When it comes to forming habits with exercise it’s just as simple. Find something you can do that you genuinely enjoy and fits into your routine. For example, if you wish to add in cardio to your training program but are not a fan of running in place on a treadmill, find innovative ways to increase your aerobic activity by trying out new activities such as biking, hiking outdoors or joining group classes.

Focus on executing your goals

According to the Cancer Research Centre at UCL Epidemiology and Public Health, it takes an average of 66 days to shape a habit. When it boils down to making positive changes and forming balance in your life, focus all of your energy on making that change. There are going to be many variables standing in your way. Expect that! Whether it be school, your long job hours, children or the fear of leaving a comfort zone, wasting time worrying about reasons why things may not work will never help you become the individual you are fully capable of becoming. You surely will have a reason why it may not work, but it’s all about finding the many reasons why it can and focusing mentally on how it will benefit you, your life and those around you. Believe in yourself that you can and you will find a way to stick to your nutrition and workout regimen. Whether you think you can or you can’t you are right.



More Tips to Keep Healthy When Busy!

  • Premake your meals on the weekend. Store your food in Tupperware in the freezer so it is readily available during the week.
  • Cook a batch of steel cut oats or oatmeal in a large crockpot with fresh fruit at the beginning of the week. Store the remaining food in the fridge to use on busy mornings!
  • Carry protein shakes and protein bars in your car at all times! You never know when you may be busy and need a healthy snack. Save money by purchasing them at your local Bailey’s Pro Shop!
  • Create a list of all the many benefits that living a healthy lifestyle will bring into your life. Tape this list on your mirror so you see it daily. This list will remind you why waking up for a.m. workouts, eating healthy and building positive relationships in your life will be worth the effort! Some examples you can list are
  1. Feeling Energized
  2. Stress Relief
  3. Healthier body and mind
  4. Demolish your personal records
  5. Build muscle, lose fat and toning the body
  6. Be a positive remodel to your children, friends or family
  7. Feel accomplished, organized and content

(Waking up at 5 a.m. for a workout will be a challenge, so daily visual reminders of why the effort will be well worth it will be an extra incentive to get the job done.)


  • Plan your workouts on a calendar as you would an appointment. Make yourself a priority. You deserve that.
  • Surround yourself with others that have goals that correlate with your own. Leave no time spent on negative energy that will interfere with your plan to stay on track.


Young woman on a beach ready to start a workout.

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