Powerful Benefits of TRX


It’s Perfect for all fitness levels

It doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete or interested in switching up your normal fitness routine; functional training including TRX training and Bailey’s TRX classes, are beneficial for all levels, athletes or non athletes. Since you are able to change you body position slightly through the various movements, the workout load may be increased or decreased based on your fitness level, making it suitable for everyone.


You improve your cardio endurance and strength simultaneously

Training with TRX straps will improve your overall strength while greatly improving your cardiovascular capacity. You have the option to alter your speed of your performance for any exercise move, helping you to give your heart and lungs a killer workout while increasing your muscular strength throughout your arms, core and legs through a variety of movements.
It helps achieve any fitness goal you have

Because of the versatility of the TRX suspension training, it helps strengthen your entire body, helping you achieve your over all fitness goals. Want to run faster? Want to improve on your pull ups? Are you signing up to run your first 10k? TRX can help you achieve that goal! Whatever your aim, regular TRX suspension training will get you there.



You meet friends and get the support you need through TRX class

At Bailey’s we don’t just build muscle, we build friendships and give you the support you need to succeed. Try a TRX class today and get any questions you have answered on proper form technique, strategy and more.

Visit https://baileysgym.com/page/Class-Schedules.aspx to find a TRX class near you!


Low impact nature

Because of its suspended nature, TRX suspension training is very low impact and means that your joints are not put under much stress. In turn, this means that there is a low risk of injury, allowing you to train as hard as you wish with less risk of causing or agitating a pre-existing injury.



It’s unconventional and gives you a break from your normal workouts 

Sometimes the monotony of going to the gym can be tedious, and we can often struggle to keep motivated with our fitness programmes. TRX suspension training is unlike any other technique for working out and can be mixed into your normal training to liven it up. This will keep you engaged and looking forward to your sessions time and again. By combining TRX suspension training with other activities, you will be able to get a great workout in a fun and new way.


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