Train Like A Pro!



Keep It Exciting! 

Performing the same workout day in and day  out can set you up for failure. Boredom easily sets in when there is no variety or challenge in your exercise regimen and you may set yourself up for burnout. Athletic training is perfect for switching up your routine and challenging the body while taking exercise to a whole new level. Every workout can be kept new and exciting targeting new muscles while building endurance.

Redesign Your Training Schedule

Aim to incorporate different forms of exercise into your training each week. Choose a few cardio exercises such as running, rowing, jump rope or cycling and then choose 1-2 days of strength training or functional training type exercises like battle ropes, boxing, kettle belle swings, squats or resistance bands.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 4.11.38 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-08-04 at 4.11.48 PM.png


Try New Classes! 

Classes are perfect for stepping out of your comfort zone and learning new exercises in a controlled environment helping you to train properly and efficiently. Not only will you build muscle, you will also create new friendships within a fitness community that supports you and holds you accountable. Win Win!

functional training


Cross Train Your Main Sport 

If you are a surfer or a golfer, add strength training and stretching such as foam rolling to your program. This will help you to gain strength and greater endurance while increasing your range of motion while supporting your joints and muscles. Increasing stamina through a sound workout program will greatly improve your athletic performance outside the gym.


If you are a cyclist or marathon runner, increasing strength in your legs and core will help to increase stability and add strength while biking or running. For example, try implementing bosu ball workouts that target the abs and obliques for a strong core. Building strength in legs with lunges and box jumps will increase your leg power too. Mix it up, challenge yourself and keep it exciting!

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