Fat Burning Tips

1. KEEP MOVING. A major focus to burn fat, should be to constantly keep moving. Your rest period should be as much time as it takes to walk to the drinking fountain and then get back to it. If you aren’t thirsty, then just enough time to catch your breath. Rest while standing up, we sit enough.
2.  TAKE ADVANTAGE OF FUNCTIONAL TRAINING. Incorporate the jump rope, box jumps, squat jumps or some other activity to keep your heart rate up in-between your resistance training. This effectively reduces training time because you can get your cardio and weights in together. Then if you choose to do cardio on top of it, you only need 15-20 minutes tops.
3. USE MACHINES AND FREE WEIGHTS. What machine is best? The answer is all of them! Do all of the machines, do the cables, do the DB’s and Barbells. Do it all. Mix up your workout and keep your body guessing.
4.  TRAIN HARD. Train to failure and make the most of your time. Work with a Sweat PT Trainer to find a weight that is fit for your fitness level to ensure you are challenging yourself.
5. UNKNOW YOUR LIMITS. Doubt your limits. Many people short change themselves because the weight they can lift is intimidating. If you are aiming for 15 reps and find that you can rep more weight, do it! Increase the load. The 15th rep should be your failure point and if you can rep beyond that, you need to increase your load.
6. WEIGHTS OR CARDIO? Cardio doesn’t burn the most fat, compound movements do. A compound movement is anything that recruits multiple joints. Examples of these are your shoulder and elbow joints for bent over barbell rows, lat pull downs, chest presses and shoulder presses. Your squats, dead lifts, lunges, leg presses are also compound movements. The majority of your resistance training program should be from compound movements because they recruit the largest amount of muscle tissue and that burns the most calories which in the end burns the most fat.c700x4202

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