Ask Your Trainer – Our Response from Sweat PT!

QUESTION:: “Hi. I was wondering how to build muscle the best way after 50 years old? How many reps and how many sets of each exercise would be best for me to build muscle slowly over time? Thanks.”
While it’s more difficult to build muscle with age, the best way to achieve it with a proper weightlifting program supplemented with a healthy diet. The most beneficial rep range for both muscle growth and strength is 8-12 done in 2-3 sets per exercise. Work with a weight heavy enough to challenge yourself within 8-12 reps while maintaining proper form. Also focus on compound movements, which provide a greater stimulus to the muscle and promote growth. In addition to working for muscle growth, you have to eat for muscle growth. Be sure to be eating a clean diet with adequate protein to provide the muscles with the necessary nutrients they need to recover. It’s recommended to eat small meals every few hours to keep a positive protein balance and control blood sugar levels. Ideally, include a serving of lean protein with each meal and fill the rest with whole grains, vegetables, and healthy fats.

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